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About PURE Contract

PURE is a utility token developed on Binance smart chain (BEP20). Smart Contract deployed on bscscan. The contract is verified and published for all. Anyone can check by findings our official contract address.

PURE contract developed by pinksale nominated SAFU developer. SAFU contract ensures the security of investment and anti-dump method. Contract audited by the partner audit team of pinksale. They issued a certificate after passing successfully all measuring scales. No Mint function, no manipulation system finds. The owner/admin Can't control it.

PURE is an exciting project that has a friendly and growing community. The Smart Contract analysis reported no compiler errors or critical issues. The Contract Owner can access some admin functions that cannot be used in a malicious way to disturb the user's transactions. There is also a limit of max tax In single digits, which is really very low.

KYC has been done with a trusted security agency and it's approved by the most popular crypto launchpad platform pinksale. PURE Got the 'SAFU' badge on presale, and KYC Certificate is published on the official website. The Team Is KYC'ed & Doxxed With Various Crypto Platforms, Third Party Security Service Providers, Agencies & Adds media.


Key Features of PURE Contract


Offering PURE rewards to Stakeholders means they will get back more PURE tokens by staking in the PURE Dapp. A constant way of passive income. This allows people to easily fill up with more PURE or allow them to continuously receive back a % of their investment for doing nothing else other than Stakeing PURE.


The BuyBack feature will be done automatically. The buy-back will be used to predominantly buy PURE and then send it to the dead wallet removing it from circulation forever. The value of this to holders of PURE means not only will PURE help to push the value of PURE but also burning the PURE purchased means that the value put into PURE will remain. The BuyBack wallet will also be used if needed to implement the same for PURE if the project needs a boost.


"Liquidity" is central to how PancakeSwap's Exchange works. PURE liquidity is locked on Pinklock for 1 year. Initially, a major portion of the presale amount will be locked as liquidity. Moreover, liquidity will be increased continuously from the transaction tax automatically to make the project more secure. Which is one of the most important keys to keeping the project stable for a good long term.

Partner And Friends

Why Choose PURE Wallet?

PURE Wallet is a Web3.0 Project. PURE Is One Stop Crypto Solution With a Decentralized Application, Staking, Swap, Multi Chain Mobile Wallet App Both On Android & IOS Platforms, Own CEX, And Many More. All Utilities Are Live & Ready To Use From The Beginning. PURE Is Secured & Dump Proof. Company Registered In United Kingdom.

Decentralized Application

PURE Dapp includes a staking platform with APY. Independent PURE swap with BNB. Profit Calculator, to calculate time and amount wise stake return in the easiest way.

Mobile Wallet Application

PURE multi-chain mobile wallet application live and ready to install from both Android & IOS Platforms. It's the safest place to store your crypto assets.

PURE Crypto Exchange

PURE centralized cryptocurrency exchange allows you to buy, sell, trade, exchange, and store your crypto assets. The interface is very user-friendly and easy to use.

PURE Focus Points

PURE Smart Contract Is SAFU, and Audited. A lot Of Important Utilities Are Live & Experienced Team is Working Behind This Project.

PURE Wallet Contract Highlights

  • SAFU, Audit & KYC Badge on Pinksale.
  • Low transaction tax on buy & sell.
  • No Unlocked PURE Token Initially.
  • Total Supply 1,000,000,000 PURE.
  • Regular Liquidity from Transactions.
  • Smart Staking Reward from Transactions.
  • The Owner/Admin Can't Control or Dump It.
  • Team Token & Liquidity Locked For 1 Year.
  • No Mint Function, No Manipulation System.

Attractive Use Case

PURE Wallet is a Web3.0 Based Project. Introducing World's First 100% Halal Staking. Multi Chain Mobile Wallet App On Android & IOS. Own CEX Is Ready To Use From Day One. Dapp Is Working Fine With Staking, Swap, & Profit Calculator.

Registered Company

PURE Wallet's Main Company is Registered In the UK. Registration Number, Certificate Of Incorporation, and Other Required Details Published On Our Official Website.

Experienced Team

PURE Core Team Is Known & Experienced In This Field, Working In Different Roles In The Same Track Actively Since 2014. It's a Good Combination Of a Solid Project, a Proper Marketing Plan & Practical Experience.

Tax Information

Buy Tax: 4%

Marketing & Management 2%
Staking Reward in PURE 0.5%
Auto Liquidity 0.5%
Team 1%

Sell Tax: 6%

Marketing & Management 3%
Staking Reward in PURE 1%
Auto Liquidity 1%
Team 1%


Our Tokens with a realworld use case created on the blockchain network.

Token Information

Name Pure Wallet
Symbol PURE
Token Decimals 18
Network Binance Smart Chain (BEP20)
Contract Address 0xc3BcE47886e56316B2A5A4b2C926561AE94039A2
Total Supply 1,000,000,000 (1 Billion)

Sales Information

Public Sale Starts 11th Nov 2022 10:00 UTC
Public Sale Ends 15th Nov 2022 18:00 UTC
Launch On Pancakeswap 16th Nov 2022 18:00 UTC
Tokens Allocated for FL 350,000,000
Initial Liquidity 210,000,000
Pinksale SC 25 BNB



Read the Full Whitepaper & Check Others Documents As Well.

Pure Is a Unique Project with a good combination of App, Dapp, CEX & DEX. Read The Full Whitepaper to Know More Details. Stay With Us For The Best Experience!

App Screen

PURE Wallet Is A Powerful
Multi Chain Mobile Wallet Application

PURE Wallet is the most secure to store your crypto assets. Our mobile wallet is available on both Android & IOS platforms. No download fees, and it's 100% free. Simple, Secure & Fast transaction is our first priority. Our user-friendly interface is for beginners to expert-level users. Just Install and experience it to feel the differences.

Play Store App Store


Enjoy PURE Decentralized Applications Here On Below Buttons

Introducing Complete PURE Exchange (CEX)

Anyone can get started trading anytime from anywhere in the world. Simply register and start trading from day one. Stay with us and keep enjoying many latest features gradually.

  • Mobile Friendly and supports all modern browsers.
  • The PURE Exchange interface Is very user-friendly.
  • Your Crypto asset is highly secure on our platform.
  • Low trading tax & no hidden charge applicable here.
  • Easy Signup and simple steps to start trading here.
The roadmap to success

What are our major goals?

Our market strategy will prioritise blockchain technology rollout to utilities based on their transformation. View our roadmap to see how exactly we are making that happen.


  • Market Research
  • Market Research
  • Project Concept
  • Launch Official TG
  • Whitepaper Reveal
  • Website Reveals
  • Contract Deployment
  • Start Early Marketing
  • Socials Development
  • Mid-level Marketing
  • Ads and Promotions
  • Mobile Wallet, CEX & Dapp Live
  • Apply For CG & CMC Listing
  • All Utilities are Ready to Use
  • Pressrelease on 500+ Sites
  • Pinksale Fair Launch


  • Starts heavy marketing
  • Influencers, Banner Ads & Listings.
  • Launch to Pancakeswp
  • Calls from Top TG Channels
  • 100k+ App Download
  • Users From 100+ Countries in CEX
  • Ads on Large Established Websites
  • Influencer Reviews Across Social Media
  • Worldwide Billboard Promotions
  • Twitter & Other SM Influencers
  • Youtube Promotions
  • Application to Certik
  • More & More Partnership
  • Team Expansion
  • Community giveaways


  • More CEX Listing
  • 100k+ Holders Celebration
  • Bridge With Other Network
  • Endorsements
  • Payment Gateway Integration
  • Big Marketing Campaign
  • More Influencer Collaboration
  • Continuous Content Release
  • Regular Marketing
  • Regular Buyback
  • Max Support Buy All Utilities to pump PURE
  • Stay Tuned for The Next Update